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This community was created as a means by which to broadcast all of the little projects that we geeks do. We'd prefer if they were somewhat instructional things, and not just modding your case, but even that is worthy of this community. Part of the idea of this community is to also outline software, hardware, and projects that will save money or allow people who previously couldnt have done something the opportunity to make it themselves. Keeping things simple is better, but advanced projects is still acceptable.


  • Projects must be of a geeky/nerdy fashion.
  • Pictures are great, but please only 640x480 or lower to help faster loading
  • If supplying more than one image, or an extreme amount of text, use an <lj-cut>


  • Step-by-Step pictures and instructions are great
  • A total cost is great, a part-by-part cost is awesome

If you find a website that documents a project that may be of special interest, please post a link to the site, but also post at least a brief description of the project so we know what to expect.

This community will be moderated by me loosely until things start getting crazy, at which point I will appoint moderators. That is getting ahead of myself, but, basically if the project is not within the scope of a geek/nerdy range, then it will be deleted.