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Linux, Without the Commitment! [Jan. 24th, 2005|08:24 am]
DIY Geek Projects


For all of those of you who want to learn to use Linux, I have good news. As many of you know, Knoppix is a free, live cd version of Linux which means it runs directly from the CD. There is nearly 3GB worth of software crammed on the CD and its all available for you to use. This, in and of itself is great, however, if you'd like to save things, it becomes tedious and repetitive to reload your settings every time you reboot, and all of your files need to be redownloaded.

In order to do this you need a few things. A CD Rom with the Knoppix Live CD Image installed on it. You also need a USB thumbdrive with at least 32mb of space. This will become your home directory and storage for your settings. You can use more, but thats about the minimum.

NOTE: Dont specify the entire drive. Instead click NO and use a minimum of 30MB. Thats more than enough for settings and other fun things. I used 50 with no problems. If you dont use the entire thumbdrive you have room to save things from your windows computer still and can transfer files back and forth with ease!

1. Boot into Knoppix from the CD, leave the thumbdrive unplugged at this point.
2. After completely booted up, insert the thumbdrive.
3. Press K>Knoppix>Configure>Create a persistent Knoppix home directory
4. Follow the prompts, specifying /dev/sda1 as the source to store your home directory
5. Press K>Knoppix>Configure>Save Knoppix configuration and save it to /sda1

When you boot Knoppix in the future, use the following:
boot: knoppix home=/dev/sda1 myconfigure=/mnt/sda1

and make sure that the thumbdrive is plugged in. otherwise it will just boot a fresh install of knoppix.

Now, the main reason I did not make the switch to Linux included the fact that there arent many good instructions on how to install software. Enter Klik, stage left. While in Knoppix, press Alt-F2, to launch a command shell and type:
wget klik.atekon.de/client/install -O -|sh</i>

This will install the Kilk protocol to your computer (on the thumbdrive) and allow you to use Kilk's point-and-click interface to install hundreds of software titles. To install Firefox, type the following into any browser after installing the klik software: klik://firefox This will automatically install firefox to your thumbdrive and store all your bookmarks there too.

Hopefully this brings out some more converts in the world of Linux.

So there you have it. The total cost is minimal, if not free; seeing as you can download and burn the Knoppix Live CD for free and you also can obtain the USB thumbdrives for free (after Mail In Rebate).

[User Picture]From: reverend_coyote
2006-04-18 11:27 am (UTC)
I've run across another distro that can perform in a similar fashion, but with a little less technical overhead. Dynebolic is a linux distro that includes the option of making a "nest file", preserving settings and the like. Using the nest file is one of the options at boot. In addition to working from a USB drive, the nest file can also be made on a Windows HD.
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