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Vacuum Forming [Dec. 8th, 2004|04:06 pm]
DIY Geek Projects


It has been somewhat of an aspiration of mine to construct a vacuum forming machine for a while now. I dont know exactly why, perhaps just to say I did. Again, this one will have pictures uploaded when I finish it.

These will be very vague right now until I actually do it, but essentially:

    1. Construct a wooden box approximately 10"x10"x4". The top to be made out of 1/8" luann.
    2. Drill many holes in the top of the box, evenly spaced.
    3. Drill a larger holw in one of the 4" sides of the box which will fit a piece of PVC1
    4. Construct a metal or wooden frame exactly the same size as the top that can clamp a piece of plastic on.

    If all goes well, im aiming for something like that.

    that is all.

    Many of you may be wondering, "Why does anyone need a vacuum forming machine" Well, I'll tell you.

    0001 you can prototype parts for projects
    0010 you can make molds for projects
    0011 you can make custom parts for, say, your mouse
    0100 you can make protective cases for things such as your calculator
    0101 you can dsign new switch plates for your house
    0110 cheap gifts that can be mass produced
    0111 for the hell of it?