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Binary Scarf [Dec. 5th, 2004|11:09 pm]
DIY Geek Projects


Well, I figure I should be the first person to post a project here. I havent completed it yet, however, I will post pictures when it is done. Basically it is an idea for a nerdy scarf. Generally speaking, making a scarf wouldnt fit here, but the context makes it fit.

To use a binary translator somewhat like this one to encode a short message to a friend or loved one. Then using the binary output to knit a scarf using two different colors representing 1s and 0s, each row of the scarf representing a binary digit. The gift is given to the person with a message with a link to the translator, and the binary code (because decoding a scarf could be difficult). Or, this could simply be a nifty project for someone to do for themselves, and always be wearing around a message that no one would be able to read, unless they stole your scarf, which would be cause for some major DDoS attacks.

To make things simpler, I plan on attaching a tag to the scarf (a removeable tag) that includes the binary output of the scarf. I have included the programs which I wrote for this project below. Feel free to download and distribute them as you see fit.
Program: Binary_to_ASCII //given to the person who will need to decipher the scarf
Binary_to_ASCII.cpp //right-click, save as

Program: ASCII_to_Binary //converts a string of text into binary for the scarfs encoding. Outputs to a text file also.
ASCII_to_Binary.cpp //right-click, save as

If the message is too short to make a scarf of the desired length, then the message will repeat, in whole, until the desired length is met or exceded.

After I complete the project, I will upload pictures of the process and other fun things. Keep an eye out.